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IBUS 735 (Saleeby): International M&A Project: Selecting a Deal

Selection Considerations

When selecting a deal, first consider the stage of the deal

  • Pending/announced
  • Completed
  • Terminated

Other factors to consider:

  • There may be limited information on terminated deals, depending on the reasons behind the termination.
  • Public deals will have more information available than private ones (i.e., pick a deal with an acquirer that is a US public company).
  • Larger deals will likely have more information available, including more news and analysts' coverage.


From the default screen in PrivCo, select PRIVATE M&A DEALS in the top bar.

Finding Recent Deals

I will provide a list of recent deals by stages (pending, completed, and terminated) at the beginning of the semester. I obtain this list from our Bloomberg terminal because of it's comprehensive, real-time data.

You can use some of our databases with remote access to begin looking for deals on your own. See guidance below for searching


**Must use Internet Explorer for Thomson ONE to work properly**

In Thomson ONE, select Market Views in the left column. Under NEWS, select “Significant Developments.”

In the top box, designate the time period and use the TOPIC drop-down box to select “Mergers & Acquisitions.”


Beginning in the Search screen in Factiva, expand the blue arrow by Subject. In the search box by SUBJECT, begin typing the word mergers until a drop-down menu appears. There will be a blue arrow next to the word "Mergers."

Click on the arrow (not on the word). You will know you selected it correctly if you see the text ns=cmerg appear in the Free Text Search box at the top. [Alternatively, you can just type this in the search box.]

Next click on SEARCH and a results screen will appear with news on mergers.