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This guide leads you to the major resources and highlights searching strategies in library and information science.

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Welcome to the Thomas Cooper Library subject guide for Library and Information Science. Use the tabs above to find quality resources for librarianship and related fields.  You can direct comments or questions about this guide to the Libraries' liaison to SLIS, Brent Appling,  

Searching Strategies

Think about what you are searching.  Depending on what you are looking for your searches could be very different in a library catalog, online reference books (Gale Virtual Reference or Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science), a general article index (Academic Search Complete), or a subject specific index (Library Literature or Library and Information Science Abstracts).

Think of multiple terms and various possible word endings.

     virtual reference, online reference, chat, instant messaging 

     homepage, webpage, web page, web site, web sites, internet 

     technical services, processing services, cataloging

Plural form often better than singular.  Or allow for both by using a wildcard (also called truncation)  

Constructing keyword searches

and    both terms must be present  internet and use studies

   either term may be present  internet or web

(  )   use if there isn't a search form when you have and and or in a search 
      use studies and (internet or web)

  wildcard for variant endings, might be other symbols but * is usually a good bet 

      use* studies   would find use studies, user studies

Is there a thesaurus or can the database suggest subject words or descriptors?  Start with a keyword search but analyze your results paying close attention to the subject words that have been assigned.

Less can be more.  Concentrate on the key elements of your topic. 

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