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Organizing References

Smart Folders

Mendeley automatically organizes your references into folders:

  • Recently Added: Includes references added to your library in the last 30 days
  • Recently Read: Includes the references for PDFs opened in the last 30 days
  • Favorites: Add references to the Favorites folder by starring the references
  • My Publications: Includes the publications you have authored
  • Trash: Includes the references that you have deleted from your library

Custom Folders

You can also organize your references into custom folders, such as folders for specific topics or projects. Adding a reference to a custom folder does not relocate the reference but instead acts as a label. 

To create a custom folder in your library:

  • Click Create Folder in the left-hand navigation panel
  • Type in the name of the folder


Sharing References

Collaborate and share references and PDFs with classmates or colleagues with private groups. 

To create a private group in your library:

  • In the left-hand navigation panel, under Groups, click Create Group
  • Name the group and select Private
  • Invite users to the group by entering in their email addresses