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SPAN 405: Critical Edition Assignment

Finding Works in the Public Domain

The Online Books Page, "How Can I Tell if a Book Can Go Online?"  This spot lists which countries follow which rules for copyright.

The Library of Congress Copyright Office Public Catalog The place to find out if an edition has had copyright renewed

Print sources such as the Bibliografia de la Literatura Uruguaya and the Vida y obras de autores mexicanos  (Remember, to find these in the catalog use subject searches such as Mexican literature bibliography .)


Mexican rule update: works that were in the public domain before 2003--which would mean the author died in 1951 or before--remain in the public domain.

Literary Criticism--remember to use both Spanish and English terms

Biographical Resources

Classic Catalog Search
Advanced Search

Don't forget the library catalog! You can search the author as a subject (try multiple versions of the last name) but if your author is a bit less known, try sources that appear under the literature of the country/ region and (biography or bio bibliography) such as this group which comes up in the search latin american literature and (biography or bio bibliography ) .