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EDEL 306: Histories, Heritage and Equity Project: Reading for Understanding

Overviews and Background

Some of these books include multiple cultural groups, others are more specific.  We get many of these through Credo, a DISCUS database, so the books are also available from school and public libraries in South Carolina.  Reference books shelved on the Main Level of Thomas Cooper Library.

In Thomas Cooper Reference

Catalog Search

Classic Catalog Search
Classic Catalog Search

Advanced Search

Don't overlook a subject search with the name of your cultural group.  Note, the library catalog uses the term Hispanic Americans

Biographical Info

Ideas for Activities

We have more books like these.  Search the library catalog by keyword with the name of your group and the term activity programs.  Remember, the catalog may use different terms for your group.  Hispanic instead of Latino/a, Indians of North America instead of American Indian.

Reader's Theatre

If our copy is checked out, click the PASCAL Delivers link to see if you can get a copy from another academic library in the state.  You can have it sent here.


Article Databases: Elementary

Find articles about your group written for elementary school students.

All of these are Discus databases so they are available in SC schools and public libraries too.

Media Portrayal (Current Coverage and Commentary)

As a starting point in the article databases, try the search:

your cultural group (ex. Jewish Americans)

AND   media or television or motion

note:  motion will find motion pictures, motion picture industry