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Find It @ USC Libraries Staff Training


Key Takeaways

  • Expect to get full text results, online or physically in the libraries.  After doing a search, you can toggle and include results beyond what we have.
  • Find It does NOT search the library's databases.  See the "What are you searching" section to learn what goes into Find It.
  • OR, AND, NOT need to be capitalized if you want to use them as operators.

There's a test view for Find It where we sometimes try out new features.

PASCAL Discovery Resources

This guide, originally created for all PASCAL Libraries at implementation, now supports staff training at University of South Carolina, Columbia Libraries.  PASCAL's Discovery site (member login required) has more training materials. 
Other support available from:

Primo VE (Ex Libris Knowledge Center)

Primo VE Become an Expert (Recordings and PowerPoint slides from ExLibris sessions on many aspects)

How to find what code controls parts of Primo VE webpage   Scroll down to “Inspecting Web Elements with Your Browser”

Other Primo VE libraries (not exhaustive, but all are academic consortia)

CARLI  (Illinois) 

MnPALS  (Minnesota)

Orbis Cascade (Oregon and Washington)
SUNY (New York, migrated a year ahead of us)