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Author Rights

A guide for our faculty, graduate students and others who publish works who work at the University of South Carolina.

Video Tutorials

Have you ever wondered who owns the copyright to the papers you’ve written, both before and after they’ve been published? Are you unsure how the author agreement process works when you publish in a journal? Through these self-paced modules, learn the basics of copyright ownership and how to understand and navigate journal publication agreements. You’ll also learn how you can archive and share your research after publication through repositories and sites such as ResearchGate. The final module will address how you can promote your research for maximum impact. 

  1. Copyright Basics
  2. Understanding the Publication Agreement
  3. Negotiations and Addendums
  4. Post-publication: Archiving your Work
  5. Post-publication: Promoting and Sharing your Research

Prefer to learn through an in-person session? Contact to set up a workshop.

Copyright Basics

Understanding the Publication Agreement

Negotiations and Addendums

Post-publication: Archiving Your Work

Post-publication: Promoting and Sharing Your Research