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PASCAL Primo VE (Find It @ UofSC Libraries) Training

Simple Search (single search box)


A search will be treated generally as a phrase with words closer together

Surround terms in parenthesis if you want an "exact phrase"

You can use Boolean operators in a Simple search, but operators need to be capitalized (in Advanced and Simple searches).

Searching behavior is more complex than they describe.

honey bee communication – treats the entire query as a phrase and returns results in which all of the words may be closer together.

When searching in a scope that includes non-catalog content, the system also includes honeybee with the option to just search how you entered the search.

honey bee AND communication – treats honey bee and communication as separate phrases and returns results in which both phrases may not be as close together


Compare results in library catalog scope:

global warming conspiracy                        global warming AND conspiracy

The search without the operator finds more and some hits do not have any form of the word conspiracy in the record.  But content is on target.

Now run these same searches in your Articles, books and more / Everything scope and also compare the number of results when you change the order of the terms to the previous searches.    

conspiracy global warming                      conspiracy AND global warming


Punctuation can matter!  Compare the results in PASCAL Delivers scope for

             20000 leagues                   20,000 leagues     

If your search uses a mix of operators, you'll need to use nesting in a Simple search.  It's probably easier to explain more complex searching by using the Advanced search.