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PASCAL Primo VE (Find It @ UofSC Libraries) Training

Advanced Search


Use Advanced Search if you:

need to search some words or phrases in particular parts of the record (but be mindful when searching a scope that includes non-catalog content that the metadata may not have subject fields, etc)

want to use at least one AND and an OR in a search


Scopes appear at the top of the search form

The fields that display are customizable.  The Discovery Working Group recommends: Any field, Title, Author/Creator, Subject, and ISBN but the


You can also specify how you want the terms searched:

  • is (exact) – Returns results that contain phrases that exactly match the phrases specified in the query.

  • contains – Returns results that contain all words in the phrase, but the words may be in a different order and may not be as close together.

  • starts with – Returns results that contain words that start with the specified string. This type performs left-anchored title searches only.


Except some options may be limited.  starts with seems to be limited to Title field

Notice the other options for limiting your search ahead of time (Material Type, Language, Date)




A patron remembers a book by someone with the first name of Virginia recalls painting was in the title.  A Simple Search returns more than you want to sort through.  Use Advanced Search


For searches with at least one AND and at least one OR, OR the terms within the same box in Advanced SEarch.  You do not need to use parenthesis to nest terms in Advanced Search.  Enter operators in upper case AND, OR, NOT



Perform Advanced Searches in Primo VE (Ex Libris Knowledge Center)