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Theatre Research Guide

Production Histories

Production histories tell you which theatre performed the play, the first performance, etc.  There are many different ways to approach researching a production history.  Things to consider are how well known is the play and when was the play produced.  It's very likely that you will not find a source to find a source that lists every production of a specific play. 

The information on this page will hopefully get you started.  Contact a librarian if you need further assistance.

Selected Print Books


Newspapers are helpful in locating information about production history.  When searching for newspaper articles questions to ask yourself include is there a specific time period that you are interested in researching or a specific country or region? 

Below is a list of newspaper databases to help get you started.  Please note that the South Caroliniana Library holds South Carolina newspapers.  The Government Information, Microforms, & Newspapers Department holds on microfilm older editions of some national newspapers. 

Selected Theatre Databases

Find It @ USC Search Tips

When doing a keyword in Find It @ USC, limit to USC Libraries add "stage history" after the name of a playwright.  However, a playwright may not have a stage history written about him/her. 

Therefore you can also try adding one of the following terms to the playwrights name when doing a keyword search: appreciation, influence, dramatic production.  These are terms used in Library of Congress Subject Headings.