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Theatre Research Guide

Production Histories

Production histories tell you which theatre performed the play, the first performance, etc.  There are many different ways to approach researching a production history.  Things to consider are how well known is the play and when was the play produced.  It's very likely that you will not find a source to find a source that lists every production of a specific play. 

The information on this page will hopefully get you started.  Contact a librarian if you need further assistance.

Selected Print Books

Below are examples of book material for locating production histories. 

Selected Newspapers

Newspapers are helpful in locating information about production history.  When searching for newspaper articles questions to ask yourself include is there a specific time period that you are interested in researching or a specific country or region? 

Below is a list of newspaper databases to help get you started.  Please note that the South Caroliniana Library holds South Carolina newspapers.  The Government Information, Microforms, & Newspapers Department holds on microfilm older editions of some national newspapers. 

Selected Theatre Databases

Find It @ USC Search Tips

When doing a keyword in Find It @ USC, limit to USC Libraries add "stage history" after the name of a playwright.  However, a playwright may not have a stage history written about him/her. 

Therefore you can also try adding one of the following terms to the playwrights name when doing a keyword search: appreciation, influence, dramatic production.  These are terms used in Library of Congress Subject Headings.