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Anthropology Research Guide

Streaming Films

Educational Films Collection

The Educational Film Collection at Thomas Cooper Library has an extensive collection of DVDs, and videotapes for classroom and educational uses. This collection includes many subject areas, including Anthropology, Humanities, History, Film Studies, Psychology, Sociology, English, etc.

You can search for films held by the Education Film Collection by searching the Alma/Primo info to come....  Change USC All Libraries to Columbia Cooper Educational Films.  You can search by Keyword, Title, or Author search to find a specific director.

Finding Ethnographies

Thomas Cooper Library holds a series of ethnographies called Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology. Search for the title "Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology" in the [Alma/Primo] to find a list of these titles.

You can also try a keyword search for the name of the culture and the word Ethnography or Ethnology. (Although Ethnology is a broader term, these terms are used interchangeably when assigning Library of Congress Subject Headings.) You can try ethnology and tonga OR ethnography and tonga

You can also browse our print copies of American Ethnologist, American Anthropologist, British Anthropology Journal, etc. for reviews of ethnographies.