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IBUS 735 (Saleeby): International M&A Project -

Selection Considerations

When selecting a deal, first consider the stage of the deal

  • Pending/announced
  • Completed
  • Terminated

Other factors to consider:

  • There may be limited information on terminated deals, depending on the reasons behind the termination.
  • Public deals will have more information available than private ones (i.e., pick a deal with an acquirer that is a US public company).
  • Larger deals will likely have more information available, including more news and analysts' coverage.

Finding Recent Deals

Your professor will provide a list of recent deals by stages (pending, completed, and terminated). 

Databases with Remote access; 

  • Refinitiv Workspace
    • First time users must register for an account with your university email address.

      Get information on global public and private companies including financials and filings, news and corporate events, earnings estimates, price quotes, M&A transactions, PE/VC data, ESG ratings, ownership data, and analyst reports.

  • Factiva 
    • Access to global news and business information including the Wall Street Journal, as well as local newspapers, same-day newswires, company reports, and media programs.
  • PrivCo
    • FIRST TIME USER: You must register with your university email address.Business and financial data on major, non-publicly traded corporations, including family owned, private equity owned, venture backed, and international unlisted companies. PrivCo also provides information on private investors, private M&A deals, and venture capital funding rounds. 


Hold your cursor on 'Search Tools', select M&A



Beginning in the Search screen in Factiva, expand the blue arrow by Subject. In the search box by SUBJECT, begin typing the word mergers until a drop-down menu appears. There will be a blue arrow next to the word "Mergers." (also select 'acquisitions/mergers')

Click on the arrow (not on the word). You will know you selected it correctly if you see the text ns=cmerg appear in the Free Text Search box at the top. [Alternatively, you can just type this in the search box.] Acquisitions/mergers = ns=cacqu

Next click on SEARCH and a results screen will appear. ***if needed, adjust the Date to 'in the last 6 months', or 'in the last year'. 



From the default screen in PrivCo, select PRIVATE M&A DEALS in the top bar.