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HIST 201 (Risk/Steiner): American Founding Documents

Finding Scholarly Secondary Sources

Developing Search Strategies
Learn to create more effective search strategies and improve your research skills.


religion AND amendment Using AND between search terms means ALL terms must be found.
framer OR delegate
coalition OR faction
Using OR between search terms means that EITHER term will be found.
This is most useful between search terms with similar meanings.
"Virginia Plan" Using quotation marks around two or more words will search for the exact phrase.
Using the asterisk (*) will search for words with various endings based on the root word or stem you enter.
In the case of automo* your results will include both automobile and automotive but not simply auto.
religio* AND (clause OR amendment) You can combine the strategies above to create a customized search statement for your topic.

Finding Monographs
Limit your search to USC Libraries for ebooks and print books available to you as a student on the Columbia campus. Searching in PASCAL Delivers will show you print books that you can request from other schools in South Carolina.

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Top Databases
Search in these databases for scholarly articles, book reviews, and dissertations on your topic.

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