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EDCS 726

Dig Deep into an Issue


More about a Leader

Now that you have a name, search again and maybe in some new places.


Research Article

The challenge in finding one research article related to courageous leadership, activism, or social justice will be deciding which one to pick!  The possibilities are almost overwhelming.  Are there aspects of any of these concepts that are compelling to you?  Try adding terms into your search to narrow your results.

Being published in a peer-reviewed journal doesn't necessarily mean it is a research article, but look and see if where you are searching has that filter.

You can also add words into your search that you'd expect to read in the abstract of a research article.  Examples include:

findings, investigat*, participant*, population, study, "case study," survey, questionnaire, interview*, qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods


* is a wildcard that finds different endings  investigat* finds investigation, investigating, investigator

OR between words on the same line/box

AND between lines/boxes

"  "  surround words in quotation marks searches them as a phrase