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Primo VE Advanced Search (for PASCAL Discovery Working Group)

Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows you to perform more complex searches and is a great option if you have multiple search terms. 

[Below is a screenshot from PASCAL's Primo VE Training page. Options will vary by institution so you will need to insert a screenshot from your institution]

  • Search for: At the top of the search form, you will have the option to Search for which enables you to search within a specific category of materials.  [Options and labels are customizable by each institution so may differ.  You will need to edit so the options are applicable to your institution.]


  • You can use Filters to limit your search results by specifying material type, language, publication date or publication date range. 


  • Any Field: You can search all fields or narrow the search to a particular field. Examples of fields to search include author and title. [[Options and labels are customizable by each institution so may differ.  You will need to edit to so the options are applicable to your institution.]  


  • You can specify how you want the terms searched:
    • contains – Returns results that contain all words in the phrase, but the words may be in a different order and may not be as close together.
    • contains exact phrase – Returns results for searches within Author, Title, and Subject fields that contain phrases that exactly match the phrase specified in the query. For example, an author search for Williams, John D. may return records with Williams, John D. or Williams, John, d. 1683 in the Author field.
    • starts with – Returns results that contain words that start with the specified string. This type performs title searches only and starts from the left side.


  • Search box – For each search line, enter words, phrases, and operators (AND, OR, and NOT).  


  • Add a new line enables you to add a maximum of seven search criteria lines. 


  • Operators – You can use AND, OR, and NOT when entering your search terms in the search box. Operators will allow you to narrow or broaden your search. In addition, the Operator drop-down list enables you to select the operator that is used between search lines.  Here is an example:

  • Want to search for an exact phrase? Use quotes around your terms. For example: "age of empire".