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Google and Google Scholar Search Tips: Google Scholar: Get More Full Text and Searching

Advanced searching tips and setting your library links in Google Scholar to get more University Libraries purchased content.

Setting Your Library Links in Google Scholar to Get More Full Text

To see links to University Libraries subscription content in Google Scholar results, update your personal Settings.

1. On the Google Scholar site, click on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left of the screen.

2. Select Settings

3. Click on Library links in the left column

4. Type University of South Carolina

5. Check the box next to UofSC University Libraries - ViewIt@UofSC

6. Click Save

*Watch a brief video of the process

Advanced Searching in Google Scholar

Searching Google Scholar

You can use the Google search operators in Google Scholar, plus some other search techniques. 


     Searching with a title of an article? 

     Put it in quotes:  “How today's college students use Wikipedia for course-related research"


     author:  finds papers written by

      author:washington   returns papers written by people with the name Washington

      washington –author:washington     finds the word washington, but excludes papers written by people named Washington


Once you do a search you’ll have options to limit:

by time, including setting your own date range

sorting by relevance or by date

including or not including patents and citations in your search


Be on the lookout for links you may see below the snippet of the article or citation

Cited by     Learn what other sources in Google Scholar have cited it

Related articles       Google has its own algorithm for determining similar articles

Versions    Especially helpful if your initial result doesn’t link to the full-text.  Maybe another version will.

Web of Science     Learn what other sources from the Web of Science database (a library subscription) have cited it.

Cite     Shows the format for MLA, APA and Chicago styles.


To get to the Advanced search in Google Scholar,

after doing a search

click on the down arrow

on the right side.



Setting Alerts in Google Scholar

After you do a search, click on the link to "Create alert."  All you'll need is an email address.  You do not have to have a Gmail account.  You'll be notified when there are new results that match your search(es).

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