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HIST 498: Civil Rights in SC

What are Primary Sources in History
Primary sources are the pieces of evidence that historians analyze and interpret to support their historical arguments.

Depending on your topic, almost any kind of material can be used as a primary source as long as it was created during the time period that you are researching or was created by someone who participated, as in the case of oral histories or memoirs.

World Cloud of Primary Source Examples 


Letters, Diaries, Scientific Data, Interviews, Photographs, Maps, Videos, Manuscripts, Newspapers, Speeches, Oral Histories, Artifacts, Government Documents, Art, Ephemera, Broadsides, Memoirs, Songs, and More!

For a brief overview of strategies for finding and accessing primary sources in history, visit the History Research guide:

Online Primary Source Collections
Provided through library subscriptions or by local institutions, these collections offer a rich variety of primary sources on civil rights and Black history.

Published Photograph Collections
Find more like these by including Subject contains "pictorial works" in an Advanced search along with topic keywords.