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Open Science Framework

You may choose to make your OSF project public. If you do, OSF's Preservation Fund preserves and maintains read access to any hosted data on OSF. This fund is sufficient for 50+ years of read access hosting at present costs. 

Get a DOI

DOIs are available for public projects and registrations. To get a DOI, first create a project or registration. Then click the "Create DOI" link, located in the top left of the page below the project title. A DOI  will be automatically created.

OSF assigns DOIs for entire projects but not individual data sets within projects.

How Can OSF Be Free?

OSF is maintained and developed by the Center for Open Science (COS), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. COS is supported through grants from a variety of supporters, including federal agencies, private foundations, and commercial entities. Read more about their finances.