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Citing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The following guide is a general overview of how to cite the use of generative AI

Citing Artificial Intelligence: Getting Started

General Disclaimer

As of January 2024, USC does not have an official policy on using generative AI for assignments. Currently, the library recommends that students learn about and use these citation methods to accurately cite AI usage. Please check with your professor or department regarding their stance on using AI as a resource.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Cite AI usage when using text formed by generative AI - it is unnecessary if used to find a resource, brainstorm, or edit
  • When using AI language models to find resources, make sure the journal article or website is accessible to you
  • Continue the practice of evaluating the sources you find via AI since not all of the suggestions might be relevant for your assignment
  • Keep in mind that AI scrapes data from the internet up until a certain point in time, so the information you receive might be out of date

USC Academic Integrity regarding Generative AI Usage

If you have more questions regarding how to use AI in accordance to the USC honor code, check out the following link

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