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Communication Sciences and Disorders

Writing Research Questions

In evidence-based practice, PICO can be used to frame a research question.  The acronym represents:

P: Population, Problem, or Patient

I: Intervention

C: Comparison variable

O: Outcome

Sample Question

In adults with aphasia, does singing improve well-being or quality of life?

P:adults with aphasia

I: singing

C: Not specified

O:  well-being OR quality of life

Building a Search Strategy

Use your research question to help build your search strategy.  Identify the main concepts.  Brainstorm alternate keywords.  Build your strategy using the connectors: AND, OR and NOT.


Boolean Operators
Connector Example Results
AND aphasia AND singing Results will contain both terms.
OR  quality of life OR well-being   Results will contain either concept.
NOT   adults NOT children Results will eliminate term.


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