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ICPSR - The Inter-University Corsortium for Political and Social Research

Housed at the University of Michigan, ICPSR is a global leader in data stewardship, providing data resources and education opportunities in the social sciences and political research.

What is ICPSR and why should you use it?

  • Repository of political and social sciences data
  • ICPSR curators clean submitted datasets, describe them with metadata, preserve them, and make them available for others
  • Provides education and training - See the Summer Program tab on this guide
  • ICPSR assists with Data Management Plans for researchers who would like to deposit data with them.

Create an Account

To create or reauthenticate an ICPSR account, you must be connected to the university network with your Network Username and Password. ICPSR accounts must be authenticated every six months.

Getting Started

Set up your ICPSR account by clicking New User

Summer Program

As an ICPSR member institution, the University of South Carolina's faculty and students can take part in the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research. This annual event provides "rigorous, hands-on training in statistical techniques, reearch methdologies, and data analysis."