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Learn more about NVivo, a qualitative data analysis software

Getting Started with NVivo

What is NVivo?

NVivo is a qualitative data analysis software that allows users to organize, analyze, and visualize unstructured data. With NVivo, users can:

  • Analyze and manage various types of qualitative data (e.g., text, images, audio, videos, etc.)
  • Identify themes and topics using codes
  • Run queries to explore data
  • Use visualizations to demonstrate connections, make comparisons, and discover patterns

How Can I Access NVivo?

NVivo is available in the DataLab on Level 5 (L516D) in Thomas Cooper Library.

Thomas Cooper Library can also provide temporary remote access to NVivo. Fill out the Software Request form to get permission and instructions:

NVivo is also available for purchase through For questions regarding software purchasing, please contact the DoIT Service Desk at (803) 777-1800.

Where Can I Find Additional Help with NVivo?

Find additional help with NVivo with user guides and online tutorials from University Libraries QSR International.