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Open Access

In this guide, learn about discovering freely available research and find ways to make your work open access.

Tools for Researchers

Finding Openly Available Works

Even if you don't have institutional access to certain research, you may be able to access an openly available version of the work. Here, we share tools to help you locate open access copies. You can use the search bar below provided by the Open Access Button to search by URL, DOI, title, or citation. Sometimes, a quick title search in Google or Google Scholar will direct you to OA research. There are also plug ins and repositories you can use to find freely available works.

Browser Plug-Ins

The Open Access Button searches thousands of sources in one click to locate openly available research. You can download a browser extension through Chrome or Firefox to locate research and, if unavailable, contact the author with one simple click for a copy of the work.

Unpaywall harvests open access content and makes it discoverable through a browser extension in Chrome or Mozilla. When the plug-in encounters a DOI, it'll automatically direct you to an OA version of the work if available. 

Open Access Repositories

There are many repositories that archive and make works openly available. As mentioned previously, articles in these repositories will often show up in a simple Google or Google Scholar search. Explore open access repositories from: