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Introduction is a free service created by Harvard Law School Library to help prevent link rot. It creates permanent records of the sources you cite so that others will always have access to your references. It is particularly useful for resources that do not have permanent URLs, such as blog posts and media articles, or websites with frequently updated content. 

Anyone can register to use and can create ten free links, but if you need to preserve additional records, USC Columbia faculty, staff, and graduate students are eligible for unlimited service through the Libraries' partnership with

To get started, please review the policies and user guide then request an account


  1. USC Columbia faculty, staff, and USC organizations (such as Research Centers) are eligible to be added as Organizational Users. Graduate students and research assistants can be added to an Organization upon approval by the Libraries and the primary Organizational User. To request an account, use the Request Account Form. 
  2. USC Columbia faculty and staff who prefer to work independently can request to be added as Sponsored Users. Sponsored Users will receive a folder that is only accessible to them and Libraries administrators. To request an account, use the Request Account Form.
  3. Account holders are responsible for using for its intended purpose: to prevent link rot for cited sources. Organizational Users should monitor affiliated accounts for proper usage and are responsible for affiliated Users. The Libraries may remove a User at any time if an account is being used for inappropriate purposes. 
  4. Within an Organization, all affiliated Users have access to links created on behalf of the Organization and can add and remove other Users. Therefore, Organizational Users should carefully consider who is permitted access to the Organization. 


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