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SHARPGrads - Fall 2021


SHARPGrads is not being held during the Spring 2022 semester. It will be back in the Fall of 2022. Please stay tuned!

SHARPGrads is the Skills, Habits, and Research Program for Graduate Students at the University of South Carolina. This workshop series, sponsored by University Libraries, Research Computing, and the Graduate School, provides free training in digital scholarship, computing, and library research concepts for students enrolled in graduate-level courses. Students completing the program receive a certificate.

To register for SHARPGrads, please complete the Interest Form.

How Does SHARPGrads Work?

During the Fall 2021 semester, SHARPGrads is pleased to offer a mix of virtual and in-person learning opportunities. Participating students will attend at least one workshop from at least 5 of the following categories. Follow the links for description, dates, and registration information. All workshops must be taken during the Fall 2021 semester.

To register for SHARPGrads, fill out and submit the Interest Form. Make sure you also register for each workshop that you plan to attend.

Creating Digital Projects


High Performance Computing (Presented by Research Computing)

Introduction to Hyperion, High Performance Computing and the SLURM Job Scheduler
Introduction to Linux Command Line
Working with HPC: Data Transfer, X11 and Open OnDemand
Introduction to Linux Shell Scripting

Library Research and Citation Management

Digging Deeper with USC Libraries Databases and Google Scholar
Find It@USC Libraries
Improve Your Research with Sage Research Methods
Introducing Data Planet
Getting Started with EndNote

Programming for Research (Presented by Research Computing)

Introduction to GIT
Introduction to R
Introduction to Python
Introduction to MATLAB

Research Data Management

Data Management Basics for Students
Data Management Plans and DMPTool
Introduction to Open Science Framework
Introduction to ICPSR
Introduction to OpenRefine

Scholarly Communication

Open Access Publishing for Researchers
What’s Your Scholarly Presence
Publishing Your Work: Understand and Manage Your Rights

Special Topics (Presented by Research Computing)

Introduction to Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Introduction to Quantum Computing - Fundamentals
Introduction to Quantum Computing - Theory
Introduction to Quantum Computing - Programming (postponed until Spring 2022)

Text Mining and Data Visualization

Introduction to Text Analysis with Constellate
Introduction to HathiTrust Research Center and Text Analysis
Simple Text Analysis with Voyant

Introduction to Tableau

Getting Your Certificate

Make sure you register for each of the workshops you attend. Once you have attended at least one workshop from five or more of the categories, send an email to Let us know that you have completed SHARPGrads and include the titles and dates (if known) of the workshops you attended. We'll send your certificate to the email address provided.