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Bloomberg Guide -

Information Included

Information on searching Bloomberg by:

Other Bloomberg modules to examine for deal information include:

EVT--Company Events: MA Others includes transcripts of calls that may have the latest updates deals

RESEARCH: Gives analysis, such as further thoughts on the deal from analysts

M&A Data in Bloomberg

After logging into Bloomberg, start by typing one of the following functions in the command line at the top of the screen.

MA <GO>   Mergers & Acquisitions module

MARB <GO>  M&A Arbitrage (Merger Arbitrage Differential) module

NI MNA <GO> Scrolling News: Mergers & Acquisitions

NI MNARLS <GO> Scrolling News: Merger, Buyout Announcements

MADL <GO> Merger & Acquisition Deal List

MNAN <GO> Mergers & Acquisitions News

The MA module will default to an overview screen like the one below if you have not already selected a company. Note that you can change the date range and the region to get a different deal synopsis.

Deal Specifics

Once you select a company or a certain deal in Bloomberg, you can find more details, such as deal type, financial terms, news, important dates, advisers, approvals, comps, pro-formas, and much more. 

When in a specific deal, use the tabs at the top to navigate to different sections. 

Company Search

If you already know a company you are interested in researching, use the MA <GO> command; in the Company Search box in the overview screen, type the name of your company. Select the company from the drop-down, and you will get a list of all of their deals.