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Data Visualization Services

Data Visualization Librarian

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Glenn Bunton
University of South Carolina Libraries
1322 Greene Street
Thomas Cooper Library - L2.341
Columbia, South Carolina 29208

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Stay Aware

Stay aware of services and resources provided by the Digital Research Services (DRS) unit of the University Libraries

Finding Data

Effective data visualization requires quality data be used. In many cases, your research will create or collect its own data. In some cases, you may wish to use data that has already been collected. 

Find Subject-specific Statistics and Data Sets

The University Libraries' Research, Instruction, and Reference professionals have curated a significant collection of sources providing statistics and data sets for a variety of subject areas.

Find Open Data

Open data is data that is freely available for use or distribution by anyone. It is research data that:

  • Is freely available on the internet;
  • Permits any user to download, copy, analyze, re-process, pass to software or use for any other purpose; and
  • Is without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those inseparable from gaining access to the internet

The University Libraries Digital Research Services units has created a guide where you can find a variety of open data sources as well as University Libraries-sponsored data sources.