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SEC Filings: ThomsonONE

Use this guide to help find SEC Filings using USC databases, as well as online resources like EDGAR

Connecting to ThomsonONE


Only work in IE, so please ensure that you are using this browser before calling with technical issues.

Overview of ThomsonONE

Advantages of ThomsonONE:

  • Variety of formats (As Filed, Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML)
  • Unique information on results screen (e.g., Williams Act Filer, # pages in filing)
  • Quick link to the Latest Key Filings 
  • Delta Reports feature

Delta Reports

Identify changes between two sequential SEC filings of the same type, annual 10Ks or quarterly 10Qs.

All changes, deletions, and additions are neatly numbered and color-coded for easy comparison.

2 formats:

  • Split screen dialog 
    • Allows for keyword searches, filter the different deltas, and expand and collapse the table of contents
  • PDF 
    • More streamlined view that you can download and print
    • All changes from the previous filing are noted in the right-hand margin

Basic Searches for Filings in ThomsonONE

2 Search Options for SEC Filings:

1. Company Views (default home screen): Expand Filings--> Company Filings or Delta Reports.

2. Advanced Filings Search: Screenings & Analysis --> Filings

More comprehensive and granular search

Enables users to track industries, filter filing types, search keywords, and retrieve specific sections

Specialized Searches

Use the "Advanced Filings Search" for Specialized Searches--Access 2 ways:

1. COMPANY VIEWS directory-->FILINGS sub-directory-->COMPANY FILINGS-->ADVANCED FILINGS SEARCH in top right corner

2. SCREENING & ANALYSIS directory-->FILINGS sub-directory-->FILINGS SEARCH-->expand "More Search Criteria" and "Search SEC Filings Sections" by using the Expand/Collapse arrows on the right