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SEC Filings: LexisNexis Academic

Use this guide to help find SEC Filings using USC databases, as well as online resources like EDGAR

Connecting to LexisNexis Academic

Advantages of LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic contains SEC Filings for companies, as well as essential accounting resources, including these titles (in electronic format):

Basic Search

Home Screen --> Open Search By Content Type drop-down and select SEC Filings under Companies --> search by company name or ticker

Specialized Searches

Please contact us at the Business Librarian if you need help with your specialized searches.


Search By Content Type --> SEC FILINGS sub-directory --> select "Advanced Options” drop-down under the search box.

In Advanced Search screen, there will be a box titled “Build Your Own Segment Search” where you can specify the segment and terms.

Specialized searches include the ability to search for filings by:

  • State and date

              Example: 10-K filings in the last 2 years for companies with a filing address in South Carolina

  • Filing type and industry and/or date

              Example: Proxy statements in the food and beverage industry in the previous 6 months

  • Terms within a section of an SEC filing

              Example: 10-K filings that contain the word inventory in the Accounting Changes section (Item 9)

              Example: 10-K filings that contain the word Ernst in the Accountant Fees section