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Digital Scholarship

Find tools and tutorials for all of your digital scholarship projects.

Selecting a Platform

There are many content management systems or platforms that can be used for digital scholarship projects. The library offers many content management systems at no cost to faculty, staff, and graduate students through USC Create Digital. Simply log in with your network username and password to get started. You can also choose to support these platforms on your own. 

Use the links below to access the tools or, when available, log in to USC Create Digital to discover free tools offered by the library.

Content Management Systems

Selection Criteria

Selecting a CMS may seem like a simple task, but picking a CMS that is suitable is critical for the success of the project. Viewing tutorials and reviewing documentation in advance of your selection will help you to understand both the technical expertise necessary to administer your project and to decide if the CMS offers the tools needed to showcase your work.

Need help selecting a CMS? Reach out to us for assistance!