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Digital Scholarship

Find tools and tutorials for all of your digital scholarship projects.

Digital Tools

You've picked your CMS. Now, it's time to create content for your site.

You'll likely need a number of digital tools to build your vision. Here are some areas you might consider when developing your website and an explanation of some of the tools available to move your project from dream to reality. Most of the tools mentioned here are reasonably user-friendly and free to use or sample, but a few require payment for advanced options. 

Not sure where to start? Visit TAPoR 3, a fantastic project that connects you with a large, curated collection of trusted tools widely used by digital humanities scholars. Another useful resource is the Digital Scholar Workbench, a resource to help you build skills surrounding text mining, building datasets, jupyter notebooks, and more. 

Text Analysis Tools

Annotation Tools

Timeline Tools

Mapping Tools

Web Scrapers

Collaboration Tools

A challenging part of creating digital projects is coordinating tasks and people. Collaboration tools can help you keep track of deadlines, discussions, tasks, and assignments. 

Animation Tools

Audio Production Tools