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MAcc at Moore: Why?

Overview of accounting research for MAcc students at USC's Moore School of Business

Use of Databases

News databases

  • Keeping track of clients
  • Converse with co-workers on recent events

Regulatory and other accounting resources

  • Handle small issues on your own
  • Need to understand the issue more before sending your question to the research department
  • Saves a tremendous amount of time

Research Skills for Accountants

"The 21st century accountant is more of a consultant than in the past, and needs to be able to locate both financial and nonfinancial information. Accountants need to know what databases and other resources to access, how to extract the relevant data, and how to organize and analyze the data and develop recommendations." (Burke, et al, The CPA Journal)

Examples from practice:

  • Responsibilites/methods of action (AICPA Professional Standards)
  • Financial reporting and tax issues
  • Compliance issues in other countries
  • How to record transactions (acquisitions, refinancing, asset impairment, etc.)
  • Client consideration and advice

Why You Should Start with Library Resources