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Importing References from a Database

There are two ways to import references directly from a database into Mendeley - through Web Importer or by importing references with .ris, .xml, or .bib files.

It is important to note that PDFs can be attached automatically when importing references with Web Importer, whereas PDFs cannot be attached when importing references using .ris, .xml, or .bib files. If using this option, you will need to manually attach PDFs to the references after importing them.

Importing References in Mendeley Tutorial

This video demonstrates how to import references in Mendeley.


Importing References with Web Importer

1. Access a database from the Libraries' A-Z Database page and perform your search.

2. Click the Mendeley icon in your bookmarks bar to open Web Importer

3. Click the check boxes beside each article you would like to import into your library and then hit "Save"


Importing .ris, .xml, and .bib Files 

1. In Mendeley Desktop, click on "File," then "Import"

2. Select the desired file format (e.g., bib, .xml, .ris)

3. Select the file to import


Attaching a PDF to a Citation

1. In Mendeley Desktop, click on the citation to which you would like to attach a PDF

2. Scroll down in the "Details" panel, located on the right-hand side

3. Select "Add File"

4. Select the PDF from its location on your computer and click "Open" to attach it


Importing References from Files

1. In Mendeley Desktop, click on "File" from the toolbar

2. Select "Add Files"

3. Select the desired document (e.g., PDF) from its location on your computer and then click "Open"


Merging Duplicates

1. Select the folder or group you would like to check for duplicates (e.g., All Documents)

2. Click "Tools," and then select "Check for Duplicates." Sets of duplicates will then be shown.

3. In the Details tab, click "Confirm Merge"